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Friday, May 31, 2013

Race Results Update

Austin, Sandy, Tyler at Capital City Classic 10K
Capital RunWalk was well represented at the Capital City Classic on May 11, 2013.  Sandy Roberts led the way with a 2nd place overall finish in 31:12.  Tyler Pake finished 11th overall and 1st in his age group in 37:15.  Austin Balen ran his PR at the Capital City Classic with a 44:43 to finish 37th Overall and 1st in his age group.  Billy Unger finished 53rd overall in 47:23.

Austin also ran the NCRC Invitational (RRCA State Championship half marathon) in 1:44 which placed him 75th overall and 2nd in his age group.

Karen Hawkins finished the NCRC half marathon in 2:13

Billy, Tyler, Austin at Capital City Classic 10K

Syndey and Karen at NCRC Half Marathon 
Sydney Jarrett ran the NCRC Invitational half marathon in 2:16 in the 100% humidity.  It's that time of the year again where we all miss winter and spring and look forward to fall and the cooler temperatures and lower humidity.

Sydney eating the brat at Doughman

Sydney also did the Doughman on May 25th.  The doughman is a four team in a relay format with each team member performing an individual eating + athletic leg culminating in a final team eating + spring leg to the finish.  The race comprises 1 bike leg, 1 aquatic activity, and 2 run legs.  Sydney's team dressed as farmers since the beneficiary this year was the Durham Hub Farm.  Sydney had the final leg.  She ate a brat then ran 2.1 miles in full jean short costume extravaganza.  It took her 21 minutes to do it.  
Sydney (left) in costume at Doughman

Mike, Michael Jr, Brian, and Tyler at Brunswick Forest Duathlon

Our store owner, Mike Zimmerman, did the Brunswick Forest Duathlon with two of his sons and a family friend.  They all got hardware.  Michael Jr was 3rd overall, Brian Diaz was 4th overall and 1st in age group, Tyler was 7th overall and 1st in age group, and Mike was 3rd in his age group.

Tyler finishing Bright Night 5K in 1st Place Overall in the pouring rain
Tyler Pake won the Bright Night 5K in Greenville on May 18 in 17:57.  The race was delayed 15 minutes due to lightening.  It was an evening race in the pouring rain with standing water over most of the flat course.

Tyler and Jamie after Bright Night 5K

Monday, May 6, 2013

Recent Races Results

Barry and Mike after Run for the Heroes 

Barry ran the Run For the Heroes 5K and finished third in his age group.

Robbie Bass also did the Run For the Heroes and finished in 21:17.

Dave Mulley ran the Run For The Heroes and finished in 20:35.

Sean Pereria ran his PR of 17:32 at the Run For The Heroes.

Austin Balen did the Southern Classic 5K and 20:27 for 6th overall and third in his age group.  Austin also did the 5K For Fitness at UNC.  Austin finished that one in 20:06 for 9th overall and first in his age group.

Kellie Davis ran in the Medoc Spring Races on April 20.  It had a unique format based on the famous Dipsea trail race with an age/gender graded start system to 'equalize" all runners.  There were no age group awards but the top 50 finishers were winners and recieved a Medoc hat with their number embroidered on the back.  Kellie finished 33rd with a chip time of 1:02:17.   

Kelli also did the Run For The Heroes and finished third in her age group with a time of 21:17.  Amy Neuschaefer Michael finished 1st in her age group at the Cary Distance Festival 10K.  

Top 50 at Medoc Spring Races

Dave in Run For The Heroes

Austin after Southern Classic 5K

Capital RunWalk during Run For The Heroes

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Run Raleigh, April 14-21 Updates

Jamie getting a kid from an SPCA dog during Run Raleigh Half
Austin finishing Run Raleigh Half

A lot of Capital Run Walk team members ran in the Run Raleigh 5K or Half Marathon April 14th.  It was a great turnout.

Syndey Jarrett paced a friend who was running her first ever half marathon.  Sydney and her friend did it in 2:40:48.  Great job pacing and helping a friend in her first half marathon!

Jamie during Run Raleigh Half.  Celebrating her birthday
Ethan Dodson placed 19th Overall in the Run Raleigh Half Marathon in 1:31:18 and was third in his age group.

Amy Michael ran the Run Raleigh Half Marathon in 1:47:25 and placed 2nd in her age group.  Her husband, Terry, ran it in in 1:59:06.

Elinor ran a PR of 1:52:48 at the Run Raleigh Half .

Holly Sasso Briggs also ran a PR at the Run Raleigh Half in 1:48:13.  Holly placed third in her age group.

Austin Balen is participating in the triple crown half marathon series.  He finished the Run Raleigh Half in 1:42:28 for fourth in his age group.  Austin's time was also a PR on a tough course with a tough uphill at mile 12.

Karen Bodie Hawkins dropped a lot of time off her half marathon PR, 3 1/2 minutes!  Karen ran the Run Raleigh Half in 1:54:34.  Karen also ran the Tarheel 10 miler in 1:27:07.

Jamie and I during Run Raleigh Half
Jamie Connerton ran the Run Raleigh Half Marathon on her birthday.  She stopped to kiss and take pictures with all the shelter dogs from the SPCA.  Jamie used to volunteer at the SPCA of Wake County before moving to Greenville.  She now volunteers at the Pitt County Animal Shelter and runs the 5Ks 4 K9s group. I ran the Run Raleigh Half with Jamie and took pictures along the way.  It was a fun way to celebrate her birthday.

Joey Anderson ran the Cary Road Race and was the 1st Grandmaster in 21:24.

Robert Bass ran Home Run for Kids 5K in Middlesex on April 20th.  He finished 3rd Overall!  Robert has been getting over injuries from a bad car wreck last November and hasn't been able to run much.  He's getting back into it and a top 3 finish in his first race back is impressive!  He's planning on racing the Run for the Heroes this weekend.

I ran the Angels Among Us 5K on the Duke campus on April 20th.  I finished 4th Overall, 1st in Age Group in 17:57.  The hills were tougher than I expected.

Finishing the Angels Among Us 5K
I think a lot of Capital Run Walk members also participated in the Boston Memorial Run.  It was an emotional race and and amazing turnout.

Congratulations everyone on your personal records and races!  Good Luck in your upcoming races!

Austin after Run Raleigh Half

Monday, April 8, 2013

First Weekend in April Race Results

John Adamof at Umstead 100 
John Adamof started the weekend off by racing the Umstead 100 miles Endurance Run.  John finished in 22:53:16!

Capital RunWalk was well represented at the 8th Annual St. Timothy's Spring Sprint 5K.  Sean was 3rd in his age group.  Elinor Angel and Ruben were 2nd in their age groups.  Dawn and Chris were 1st and 2nd masters.  Valencia and Rebecca also ran well on the hilly course and credited Coach Tim and the hill training sessions for their success.

Billy and Ronnie after Mountains to Sea Trail Race
Bobby Mack ran in the Cooper River Bridge Run.  Bobby was 3rd overall in 28:50 and the first American!  Also running in the Cooper Bridge Run were new CapRun team members Kris Vegh and her husband Tibor.  Kris was the 4th American female with a time of 34:47 and Tibor finished 22nd overall in 31:32.  Kris and Tibor were teammates of Bobby at NC State.

Ronnie Jones and Billy Unger ran the Mountains to Sea 12 miles challenge race.  They both enjoyed the perfect weather and the very technical single track trails that followed part of the perimeter of Falls Lake.  This was Billy's first long trail race and he ran sub 9:00 min/pace until the 6 mile aid station when they backed off a little.  Ronnie finished in 1:47: AND finished 38th out of 228 finishers. Billy finished 63rd in 1:54:23.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Capital Run Walk at Second Empire Classic

Several team members ran the Second Empire Classic this past Sunday in the cold and pouring rain.

Ronnie Jones finished the 5K in 21:05.

Billy Unger finished in 21:23 and took third place in his age group, 50-54

Kris Grande finished in 23:22 and 2nd in age group, 40-44

Jack Bates finished in 25:02

Congratulations everyone!

I am not sure what I am racing yet.  May do the 5K or 10K at the Lookout Rotary Spring Road Race in my hometown on April 27 or may  do the Angels Among Us 5K on the Duke Campus on the same date.  I am also considering the Capital City Classic 10K on May 11th as long as I don't have to work a race that day.  I haven't ran the race before but I think the faster competition would help.  If anyone has any course tips please comment or email me.  I would appreciate it.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

More Recent Race Results

Start of the Crystal Coast Half Marathon
The end of the winter race season and the start of the spring racing season have been a busy time for Capital RunWalk team members.

Perry Boseman ran in the North Myrtle Beach Winter Run 15K on January 6th.  He placed 4th in her age group (50-54) in 1:13.  His son, Alex, was third overall in 55:00.  He also competed in the Cary Dualthlon on March 9 and finished second in his age group.  Well done Perry!  

Dawn at BFF 10K in Myrtle Beach

Dawn White ran the BFF 10K in Myrtle Beach on March 9 and finished 3rd overall Masters.  

Pat Price ran in the Mission Outreach 5K at Wake Christian Academy and finished 2nd overall.  Also running int he Mission Outreach were Brittany and Alex Laube.  They both placed 3rd in their age groups.

I ran in the Crystal Coast Half Marathon on February 23 in Morehead City during a steady, pouring rain and a strong headwind from 8.5-11 miles which included going uphill on the Atlantic Beach high rise bridge.  I finished 2nd overall in 1:20:20, just four seconds off my PR even in the bad weather.  

Kellie Davis ran in the New Orleans Marathon and finished in 3:34:56.  Kellie also ran in the Kinston 8000 and finished in 34:34 and won her age group!

Rear in Gear 5K Times are Pat Price 2nd Overall in 19:05.  Be sure to read Pat's blog post about Rear in Gear.  The most random thing happened to him during the race!  Ronnie Jones 7th overall, 1st in age group in 20:43 for a new 5K PR.  Ben Crowson was 1st in his age group in 24:09.  Bren won her age group at the Rear in Gear race!  

Left is Ronnie, Right is Billy before Shamrock 
5 team members ran in the Shamrock Marathon.  Ronnie Jones led the way with a PR of 3:38:08.  Ronnie's 3:38:08 was 15:00 faster than his previos marathon PR at Akron.  Holly Brigs ran 3:51:20 and qualified for the Boston Marathon.  Billy Unger ran a PR 3:56:53.  Barry Packman ran his first marathon and finished in 4:12:22.  Karen Hawkins ran a PR of 4:28:35!  Great job everybody at Shamrock!  

Diane Cherry ran the 8K in Virginia Beach and finished in 47:57.  

Austin Balen ran the Tobacco Road Half Marathon for the second time.  He finished 5th in his age group in 1:44.  

Dave Mulley during the Tobacco RD traffic
Dave Mulley also ran in the Tobacco Road Half Marathon and finished in 1:38:37.

Jamie Connerton ran the Tobacco Road Half Marathon and finished in 2:24:06.

Jim Stevens WON the Inaugural Wake Tech 5K in 18:31!

Sydney after Tobacco Road

Brittany and Alex Laube finishing Mission Outreach 5K

Sydney Jarrett ran the Tobacco Road Marathon, her first one, and finished in 4:46.

Sydney Jarrett during Tobacco Road

Dave Mulley during Tobacco Road Half


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Tobacco Road Results

I was pretty sure I saw a few CapRun guys and gals early Sunday morning, and indeed:

  • Austin Balen ran the half marathon and finished 5th in his age group at 1:44.