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Monday, May 21, 2012

5/19-20 Race Results

We had a beautiful May weekend for racing (compared to Wisconsin where they had a heat wave shut down a marathon) here in NC!  Interestingly enough, we had runners post great times in both Virginia and South Carolina as well.

On Saturday, Dawn traveled to Williamsburg, VA for the 8k Masters National Championship.  She had a great race and enjoyed her visit.

Dave Mulley won his age group (8th overall) at the Run for Peace on Saturday.

On Sunday, Wendy, Matrice, Michelle, Debbie, Paula, Amanda, Erin and Claudia ran the Diva Half Marathon in Myrtle Beach.  Here's the group in their tutus, boas and crowns, in addition to huge medals!

Locally, on Sunday was the NCRC Invitational Half Marathon and 10k.

  • Bobby Mack continued his local domination by crushing the 10k course to win by 2 minutes.
  • Ken H. was 2nd in his age group in the 10k
  • Jack S. won his age group in the 10k
  • Sara S. finished 7th in her age group
  • In the half marathon, Charles Akers, admittedly "untrained" for 13.1, ran a strong race.  
  • Trey Michael ran the half.
  • Perry Boseman was the first Grand Masters finisher!  Not bad for a tri-guy.
  • Lisa Howell ran as a sweep on the course, ushering in the last finishers.
Dunford O. rocked the Williamsburg Half Marathon on Sunday as well!  

3 Half Marathons in one day, in three states!  Great job everyone!

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