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Monday, April 30, 2012

Merrell Road Glove Review

This is a shoe that really does "fit like a glove."

Okay, I spent a lot of time thinking about how to work that pun into the review and finally decided to just put it as the opener, lame or not.  These shoes felt like a protective sock the first time I slid them on, right out of the box.  I should mention the fit is "TRUE TO SIZE".  I wear a size 10, and a 10 with the Merrells.

My first attempt at non-"barefoot" running included a 1.5 mile loop around my block, on a mix of asphalt and sidewalk ("...the concrete jungle is an elusive mistress that can call us into action at any time...").  Sorry, carried away there...Penguins of Madagascar reference...

These definitely protected my feet from debris (glass, small rocks, rough surfaces) on my route, while providing the lack of "support" that is inherent to barefoot running.  These Merrells have an arch support feature that some minimalists dislike, but I prefer it, as it offers support in a passive way.

I should interject, at this point, that I am NOT a barefoot runner.  I like my shoes.  I'm delicate and break easily.  Or, at least, I have in the past.  I read Born to Run, but did not abandon my shoes for huaraches.  My usual training shoes are typical "light weight neutral cushioned trainers", Brooks Launch, are my favorite. So, there was quite a bit of calf soreness the next day.  I think my foot may have also been bruised.

Nonetheless, I continued to wear these regularly, mostly at work, while trying to build some more foot and lower leg strength.  The next workout I wore these for was a lunch-time speed session consisting of 100 meter sprints at Fred Fletcher Park.  I loved this workout. Okay, not the intensity of it, but the way the shoes felt when running fast.  They actually DID feel like barefoot running, but with the benefit of smoothing out the grass field.  The lightness of these shoes helped me feel like I was flying (and for me, that's a pretty big deal.)

Since the review period started, I've probably put 40-50 miles on these and the Vibram sole still looks impeccable.  It's really "sticky" on synthetic and natural surfaces.  I'm careful to intersperse the wearing of these with my more traditional shoes, but I know these have a place my shoe quiver going forward.

4/28-29 Race Results

The team had a great showing at Saturday's Run for our Heroes.  Jack Smith won his age group, Jenna and Dawn were 2nd in theirs, and Lou Ann was 3rd!  Barry Packman, Candace Brown, Matrace Hall, Claudia Mello, Paula Ricard, Wendy Harper, Amanda Williams, Debbie Atkinson, and Paul Atkinson also represented and posted some great times!

Charles was 2nd overall at the Moncure Panther Prowl 5k!

Amy was first in her age group at the Coach Daniels Memorial 5k!

Brad and Robbie ran the Brick City 10k on Sunday and each won their age group, finishing 4th and 6th overall.

Joey ran the 12th Annual Promise Land 50k in under 8 hours.

And, not to forget, two of the store's elites ran in the Payton Jordan Cardinal Invitational at Stanford on Sunday.

  • Bobby Mack finished 14th in the 10,000m in 27:53, just missing the Olympic A standard of 27:45
  • Sandy Roberts broke 14 minutes in the 5,000m, running 2nd in the 3rd section in 13:59:93

Friday, April 27, 2012

Informal Events

I'm "hosting" a couple formally informal events in May.  The first is the 4th annual Titus van Rijn 1-hour run on Sunday, May 6th at 7:00 a.m. at Martin Middle School.   This event is as hard as you make it.  Run for one hour around the track, report your total distance to me, and refresh with black cherry soda, per rules and tradition.

On May 28th, Memorial Day Monday, I'm hosting a 1-mile track race/run/time-trail at West Millbrook Middle School in North Raleigh.  This will be "offically timed" with the goal of getting some new pr's.

Details, such as they are, are available on my blog, here.  Please email me with any questions and especially to let me know if you're coming, so I can "plan."

Both events are free, and I'm going to see if I can get some prizes (at least one per event) to give away (based on whatever criteria I choose)!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

4/28-29 Race Schedule

The big one this weekend is the Run for Heroes on 4/28 in downtown Raleigh.  This is a store sponsored run, so make sure you wear your Cap RunWalk gear!

The Primal Mud Run is on Saturday and looks like it's in Selma. (Dena Ali)

The Coach Daniels Memorial Scholarship 5k is on Saturday in Apex. (Amy Michael)

The Moncure Panther Prowl 5k is also on Saturday. (Charles Akers)

Also, on Saturday is the Promise Land 50k in Virginia.  I'll get back there one day... (Joey Anderson)

Owl's Roost trail half marathon is on Saturday in Greensboro.

I'm timing the Asheboro Club 5k in, none other than, Asheboro on Saturday morning.


On Sunday, the Brick City 5k and 10k take place in Sanford.  These are great courses and the 10k will be my first race since Uwharrie in February.  I forget, do you wear your number on your front or back?

Monday, April 23, 2012

Running this week from the store

Lots of stuff happening at Capital RunWalk this week, leading up to Saturday's Run for our Heroes 5k.  Should be a great week of running!

Tuesday - Social Run at 6:00pm
Thursday - Run for our Heroes Packet Pickup from 4-7pm
Thursday - Our last NCRC April Series Downtown Challenge at 6:30pm
Friday - Run for our Heroes Packet Pickup from 4-7pm
Saturday - Run for our Heroes at 8:30am

Have a great week!

4/20-22 Race Results

There were a ton of races this past weekend.  Capital RunWalk was represented by:

Susan Jessup who started the weekend off by running the 12 Oaks 5k in Holly Springs on Friday night and was first in her age group (though the race only had awards for top 3 overall).

Ronnie Jones who finished the Rugged Maniac as 182 out of 1772 in the male 18-54 age group...a fantastic result!

Claudia ran the CALS Fun Run - Running with the Pack 5k in 21:22!  Awesome!

At the Tar Heel 10 Miler, the team rocked:

  • Amanda Boykin: 1:32
  • Susan Jessup: 2:01
  • Jackie Okoth: 1:34
  • Barry Packman: 1:34
  • Anne Enloe: 1:35
  • Candace Brown: 1:39
  • Kris Grande: 1:32
Let me know if I forgot to mention anyone!

Friday, April 20, 2012

April 20-22 Race Schedule

Friday night, is putting on the 12 Oaks 5k in Holly Springs.  I'll be there to help out.

Susan Jessup will be there racing!

On Saturday, I head to Reidsville to time the Go Far 5k.

Ronnie Jones heads to Asheboro for the Rugged Maniac 5k Mud Run, then is following it up on Sunday with the BB&T RailTrail Run 5k.

I'm sure there are some team members running the Tar Heel 10-miler in Chapel Hill.  I heard Meb Keflezghi is in town for the festivities and was spotted on the Raleigh Greenway this morning!  Awesome!

Monday, April 16, 2012

April 14-16 Race Results

(Note: Will be updated with Boston results as they come in.)

Capital RunWalk had a great showing at the Run Raleigh half yesterday.
  • Jim was the first team athlete to finish, 5th overall in 1:23
  • Ken and Jenna finished side-by-side in 1:44
  • Robbie ran a 1:36
  • Sara ran a 2:09
  • Trey ran a 1:58
  • Amy ran a 1:54
  • Dave Mulley ran a 1:38 as did,
  • Jack Smith ran a 1:38
  • Ernie Parker finished strong at 68 years old in 2:46
At Beth's "Shake a Leg for Charles 5k", Ronnie ran strong to finish 13th overall in 22:52!

At HOT Boston, where all runners struggled, our four finished (though they'll probably tell you they wanted to run a LOT faster!)

  • Lisa Howell ran 4:57
  • Bren Crowson ran 4:46
  • John Simons ran 3:25
  • Pat Price ran 4:28

Awesome runs!  If I missed anyone, please let me know!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

April 14-16 Racing Shorts

This weekend, we've got team members representing all over:

  • Charles will be helping out at 50k event in Carolina Beach.
  • Brad will be timing a 5k/10k in Winson-Salem on Saturday.
  • Beth is directing her first 5k in Selma, the Shake a Leg for Charles 5k.  Ronnie will be racing this one too.
  • Robbie, Ken, Sara, Jenna, Amy and Trey are running the new RunRaleigh half marathon on Sunday.  This is a Capital RunWalk sponsored event!  For the RunRaleigh Half Marathon:
    •      PLEASE NOTE: Store will open Sun at 6am. We will have our bathrooms blocked off to public given fact there will be over 1,000 runners.  HOWEVER, CapRun team members and supporters are welcome to use our bathrooms and the Community Room as you see fit. We've got foam rollers, stretching bands, mats, a "stick" and can break out the treadmill if anyone wants to warm up on it. We'll also have a fresh pot of coffee brewed and bottled water if you want any. We have lots of powdered Gatorade if you want to mix some up for your hydration belt. See me or Baker and we'll be sure to take care of you!  
  • Bren Crowson, Lisa Howell, John Simons and Pat Price are running Boston on Monday!