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Thursday, March 21, 2013

More Recent Race Results

Start of the Crystal Coast Half Marathon
The end of the winter race season and the start of the spring racing season have been a busy time for Capital RunWalk team members.

Perry Boseman ran in the North Myrtle Beach Winter Run 15K on January 6th.  He placed 4th in her age group (50-54) in 1:13.  His son, Alex, was third overall in 55:00.  He also competed in the Cary Dualthlon on March 9 and finished second in his age group.  Well done Perry!  

Dawn at BFF 10K in Myrtle Beach

Dawn White ran the BFF 10K in Myrtle Beach on March 9 and finished 3rd overall Masters.  

Pat Price ran in the Mission Outreach 5K at Wake Christian Academy and finished 2nd overall.  Also running int he Mission Outreach were Brittany and Alex Laube.  They both placed 3rd in their age groups.

I ran in the Crystal Coast Half Marathon on February 23 in Morehead City during a steady, pouring rain and a strong headwind from 8.5-11 miles which included going uphill on the Atlantic Beach high rise bridge.  I finished 2nd overall in 1:20:20, just four seconds off my PR even in the bad weather.  

Kellie Davis ran in the New Orleans Marathon and finished in 3:34:56.  Kellie also ran in the Kinston 8000 and finished in 34:34 and won her age group!

Rear in Gear 5K Times are Pat Price 2nd Overall in 19:05.  Be sure to read Pat's blog post about Rear in Gear.  The most random thing happened to him during the race!  Ronnie Jones 7th overall, 1st in age group in 20:43 for a new 5K PR.  Ben Crowson was 1st in his age group in 24:09.  Bren won her age group at the Rear in Gear race!  

Left is Ronnie, Right is Billy before Shamrock 
5 team members ran in the Shamrock Marathon.  Ronnie Jones led the way with a PR of 3:38:08.  Ronnie's 3:38:08 was 15:00 faster than his previos marathon PR at Akron.  Holly Brigs ran 3:51:20 and qualified for the Boston Marathon.  Billy Unger ran a PR 3:56:53.  Barry Packman ran his first marathon and finished in 4:12:22.  Karen Hawkins ran a PR of 4:28:35!  Great job everybody at Shamrock!  

Diane Cherry ran the 8K in Virginia Beach and finished in 47:57.  

Austin Balen ran the Tobacco Road Half Marathon for the second time.  He finished 5th in his age group in 1:44.  

Dave Mulley during the Tobacco RD traffic
Dave Mulley also ran in the Tobacco Road Half Marathon and finished in 1:38:37.

Jamie Connerton ran the Tobacco Road Half Marathon and finished in 2:24:06.

Jim Stevens WON the Inaugural Wake Tech 5K in 18:31!

Sydney after Tobacco Road

Brittany and Alex Laube finishing Mission Outreach 5K

Sydney Jarrett ran the Tobacco Road Marathon, her first one, and finished in 4:46.

Sydney Jarrett during Tobacco Road

Dave Mulley during Tobacco Road Half


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