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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Capital Run Walk at Second Empire Classic

Several team members ran the Second Empire Classic this past Sunday in the cold and pouring rain.

Ronnie Jones finished the 5K in 21:05.

Billy Unger finished in 21:23 and took third place in his age group, 50-54

Kris Grande finished in 23:22 and 2nd in age group, 40-44

Jack Bates finished in 25:02

Congratulations everyone!

I am not sure what I am racing yet.  May do the 5K or 10K at the Lookout Rotary Spring Road Race in my hometown on April 27 or may  do the Angels Among Us 5K on the Duke Campus on the same date.  I am also considering the Capital City Classic 10K on May 11th as long as I don't have to work a race that day.  I haven't ran the race before but I think the faster competition would help.  If anyone has any course tips please comment or email me.  I would appreciate it.

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