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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Run Raleigh, April 14-21 Updates

Jamie getting a kid from an SPCA dog during Run Raleigh Half
Austin finishing Run Raleigh Half

A lot of Capital Run Walk team members ran in the Run Raleigh 5K or Half Marathon April 14th.  It was a great turnout.

Syndey Jarrett paced a friend who was running her first ever half marathon.  Sydney and her friend did it in 2:40:48.  Great job pacing and helping a friend in her first half marathon!

Jamie during Run Raleigh Half.  Celebrating her birthday
Ethan Dodson placed 19th Overall in the Run Raleigh Half Marathon in 1:31:18 and was third in his age group.

Amy Michael ran the Run Raleigh Half Marathon in 1:47:25 and placed 2nd in her age group.  Her husband, Terry, ran it in in 1:59:06.

Elinor ran a PR of 1:52:48 at the Run Raleigh Half .

Holly Sasso Briggs also ran a PR at the Run Raleigh Half in 1:48:13.  Holly placed third in her age group.

Austin Balen is participating in the triple crown half marathon series.  He finished the Run Raleigh Half in 1:42:28 for fourth in his age group.  Austin's time was also a PR on a tough course with a tough uphill at mile 12.

Karen Bodie Hawkins dropped a lot of time off her half marathon PR, 3 1/2 minutes!  Karen ran the Run Raleigh Half in 1:54:34.  Karen also ran the Tarheel 10 miler in 1:27:07.

Jamie and I during Run Raleigh Half
Jamie Connerton ran the Run Raleigh Half Marathon on her birthday.  She stopped to kiss and take pictures with all the shelter dogs from the SPCA.  Jamie used to volunteer at the SPCA of Wake County before moving to Greenville.  She now volunteers at the Pitt County Animal Shelter and runs the 5Ks 4 K9s group. I ran the Run Raleigh Half with Jamie and took pictures along the way.  It was a fun way to celebrate her birthday.

Joey Anderson ran the Cary Road Race and was the 1st Grandmaster in 21:24.

Robert Bass ran Home Run for Kids 5K in Middlesex on April 20th.  He finished 3rd Overall!  Robert has been getting over injuries from a bad car wreck last November and hasn't been able to run much.  He's getting back into it and a top 3 finish in his first race back is impressive!  He's planning on racing the Run for the Heroes this weekend.

I ran the Angels Among Us 5K on the Duke campus on April 20th.  I finished 4th Overall, 1st in Age Group in 17:57.  The hills were tougher than I expected.

Finishing the Angels Among Us 5K
I think a lot of Capital Run Walk members also participated in the Boston Memorial Run.  It was an emotional race and and amazing turnout.

Congratulations everyone on your personal records and races!  Good Luck in your upcoming races!

Austin after Run Raleigh Half

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