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Thursday, April 12, 2012

April 14-16 Racing Shorts

This weekend, we've got team members representing all over:

  • Charles will be helping out at 50k event in Carolina Beach.
  • Brad will be timing a 5k/10k in Winson-Salem on Saturday.
  • Beth is directing her first 5k in Selma, the Shake a Leg for Charles 5k.  Ronnie will be racing this one too.
  • Robbie, Ken, Sara, Jenna, Amy and Trey are running the new RunRaleigh half marathon on Sunday.  This is a Capital RunWalk sponsored event!  For the RunRaleigh Half Marathon:
    •      PLEASE NOTE: Store will open Sun at 6am. We will have our bathrooms blocked off to public given fact there will be over 1,000 runners.  HOWEVER, CapRun team members and supporters are welcome to use our bathrooms and the Community Room as you see fit. We've got foam rollers, stretching bands, mats, a "stick" and can break out the treadmill if anyone wants to warm up on it. We'll also have a fresh pot of coffee brewed and bottled water if you want any. We have lots of powdered Gatorade if you want to mix some up for your hydration belt. See me or Baker and we'll be sure to take care of you!  
  • Bren Crowson, Lisa Howell, John Simons and Pat Price are running Boston on Monday!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks to Brad for getting the line of communications going for the CapRun Race Team.

    Good luck to those in Complete Runner Program (many are also on the Race Team) competing in the RunRaleigh half marathon Sunday morning.

    Coach Tim